The BIG Ticket+

Location: Metro Park in Jacksonville, Fl.

I experienced The Big Ticket for the first time today. It’s no Warped Tour, having only two stages and taking place in a much smaller venue, but it was still worth the excitement.

Twenty One Pilots and Of Monsters and Men were the two main headliners, and as I read down the lineup, I had no clue who almost anyone else was. Turns out, I actually knew a lot of songs from the other artists once they hit the mic. Walk The Moon, Robert Delong, The Neighborhood, BORNS, and X Ambassadors definitely got me caught up in the hype and had me adding so many songs to my playlists on the way home.

We were fortunate that it was such perfect weather, considering the well known, unpredictable climate Florida offers. Just chilly enough to layer for nighttime, yet warm enough to get away with a crop top during the day.

To my own surprise, I managed to stay sober for 90% of the event.  

We ended the night with Twenty One Pilots, to whom I had never given a fair chance at listening to their music. Needless to say, it’s understandable why they had thousands of people’s undivided attention- with girl’s crying and all.  They have a distinct, unique sound, which in my opinion, is hard to do, and still attract the masses.

The girl’s and I had so much fun, even while I was running off of 4 hours of sleep, no caffeine, and had woken myself up at 7am to get ready. (1 hr hair/makeup, 1 hour to pick out an outfit…this is regular.) But I can’t complain too much, since I do wake up for concerts earlier than I wake up for work every single day….lucky me.

Here’s to The Big Ticket- may next year’s lineup be even better!

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