Balayage Pricing+

As many of you know, balayage is the hair trend that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. You may have realized that these services cost more than your average traditional foils. I get asked so many questions about this topic, so I’d like to fully explain why a balayage is an investment worth making.


Balayage (for me at least) was not taught in my beauty school. I took it upon myself to spend hours watching videos, reading and understanding techniques, and MOSTLY learning through trial and error. Lots of trial. Many errors. It’s a special service that takes more practice and time to perfect than any other. We as stylists put in the hard work and it’s nice to be rewarded.


Many stylists do not offer balayage because they aren’t trained! Therefore, the more limited number of artists who are offering this special service means a higher demand of our time. Essentially, this means our time is even more valuable.


Balayage is a service that takes a bit longer. From start to finish, we are hand painting section after section of your hair, working to perfect it. It processes slower since it’s an “open air” service as opposed to going under heat to speed things up. The more time being invested in the service = the more costly.


Traditional foils (patterned foils all the way up to the scalp) usually grow out with a harsh line of demarcation. They need to be redone every 4-6 weeks for maintenance. So every 4-6 weeks you’re visiting the salon for about a 2 hour sesh to get your hair done, and every time you come in you’re paying for the full or partial highlight price (+ haircut // blowout // etc). With balayage, you’re getting a low maintenance service that only needs to be touched up anywhere from 2-10 months. In the long run, you’re actually saving yourself money!

Balayage pricing is on average 15-30% more than traditional foils, and for a good reason! People often don’t realize that they’re getting so much out of the appointment! Expertise, time investment, and a beautiful low maintenance color. We’re giving you our best!

Bottom line, if it’s important to you it should be worth investing in!

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