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Studio Salon Hacks +

If you’re in a private studio, salon loft, or even just beginning as a salon owner, I’m sure you’re trying to do everything as efficiently as possible. Maximizing space is essential while working in a smaller area, but keeping a workspace organized and clean when it gets easily messy is crucial.

Here are some easy ideas I’ve implemented throughout my career as a stylist that make my job go a little more smoothly:

1. Two words: Rubber. Broom.

Let’s face it- we sweep multiple times a day and no matter how thoroughly we do, THERE IS STILL HAIR.

The hands-down best purchase you will make for your salon is this broom. The hair is completely up the first time you sweep over an area. It makes cleaning the salon 1000x faster!


2. It’s 2018. Get an Eye-Vac.

Ditch the dustpan and quit working harder than you have to. Eye Vac quietly sits in the corner until you sweep your pile of hair in front of it. Then VRROOOOM. The hair is gone. I recommend the larger size so you’re not stuck emptying it too often. Buy my vacuum here.


3. Voila- Framar Foil Dispenser.

Framar creates many a wonderful tool for the modern everyday stylist- but the one I just can’t live without is my foil dispenser. You can create whatever size foil you need to customize your client’s hair. I started off purchasing the small one but after a couple years, I upgraded to the larger. The large dispenser holds more foil – so less hassle of replacing the empty roll regularly. Here’s the dispenser and this is my favorite fun foil to use.


4. Get more organized by LABELING.

If you use Redken Shades EQ, Joico Lumishine Demi, PM Shines, or any gel toner in a 2 oz bottle, the best way to organize them is to get at least 3 small bins like these and separate them into warm, neutral, and cool tones. Then to get even fancier, get a metallic Sharpie like these, and write the shade on top. Once you throw them in the bin it’s easier to find what you’re looking for and they don’t topple over.


5. Shears are expensive- why not decorate with them?

Instead of throwing your expensive tools in a drawer, utilize your wall space. I like to hang mine up with a magnetic knife strip.  This way they’re proudly on display and easily accessible.


6. You can never market too much.

I like to create a positive atmosphere in my loft by putting quirky, funny, or motivating quotes on a letter board. This is perfect for advertising any specials or discounts your business is offering!


7. Keepin it cohesive.

Backbar gets messy. Real messy. If you have shampoo bottles from a light colored brand it’s hard not to notice the color stains all over them. I replaced mine with these amber glass bottles. The 32oz holds most shampoo and conditioners. I also like to use 16oz bottles for my deep conditioner and Olaplex no. 2. Here are the smaller bottles. They’re quick and easy to wipe down at the end of the day.


8. Make your own magic.

Keeping a few Magic Erasers in the salon will definitely come in handy. When color gets virtually everywhere, it helps to remove the stains!

Have any other useful ideas you want to share? Leave a comment below!

Want more info about my private studio? Check out my website here.

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12th Tribe Review +

I’ve always been a fan of 12th tribe, so I highly anticipated getting my subscription box in the mail. They are my favorite online boutique and I’ve personally always identified with their brand. I ordered their subscription box and I’m truly loving it!

For all your 12th tribe orders, you can click here to save 10%!

So what’s in the box?:

  • A black cropped long sleeve top
  • 2 pair of earrings
  • A woven clutch
  • Round sunglasses
  • 12th Tribe Popsocket

The quality of each of the items I bought is extremely good- I would say the boutique’s price point is fitting. The cut of the tee is fitted and flattering.

I adored the earrings, they’re lightweight and comfortable if you’re not a huge earring girl like me. The sunnies were okay/decent quality, but they are definitely on trend, so I’ll probably be wearing them all over! (I hate spending a lot of money on sunglasses anyway, because I have a horrible habit of losing them and scratching them!!)


My favorite item was absolutely the clutch! It’s beautiful, made very well and is pretty large to carry a bulk of essential items. The cute fluffy tassels are a nice touch too!


I’ll definitely be ordering in bulk from 12th Tribe more.

For all your 12th tribe orders, you can click here to save 10%!

Stay tuned to see what’s in next month’s box!

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The Lollapalooza 2018 Experience +


Lollapalooza is a huge festival held in various countries around the world. It was created in America 1991, running yearly until 1997, and then later on revived in 2003. The tickets sell out extremely fast- the festival hosts almost half a million people over the span of 4 days. We attended this year where it was held at Grant Park in Chicago.

The venue is large and beautiful, CLEAN, and relatively easy to navigate once you memorize the rectangular layout.


Lollapalooza- Lolla for short- is known for being a multi-genre fest. With everything from alternative rock + heavy metal, to hip-hop and EDM, there’s truly something for everyone. Here’s the 2018 lineup:


Lolla is an ALL age event. This is something to be noted for people who are used to raving or are regular festival attendees. Although it’s jam-packed with college kids and at times felt like a massive frat party, I’d still say it maintained a PG13 vibe. If your college days are over, consider upgrading to VIP to stay away from the younger crowd.


Think less boho than Coachella and less ravey than EDC. 95% of people kept simple and comfy in a crop top with denim shorts. Don’t forget festival safe footwear (i.e. boots so your toes don’t get stepped on, broken in converse you don’t mind getting dirty) and a hat. Cute but practical. Chicago is surprisingly hot during the day. It didn’t get too cool at night, so I wasn’t worried about carrying a jacket. Regardless, be sure to check the weather in advance. Camelbacks + Vibedration bags are welcome- I highly recommend carrying one at any festival!

Use this link to buy my favorite hydration bags! Or use code KRIS at checkout.

DAY 1.

top- east n west label purchased from dolls kill

shorts- forever 21

kimono- dolls kill

shoes- converse high tops


DAY 2.

top- dolls kill

bottoms- club exx

fanny pack- vibedration

boots- steve madden


DAY 3.

top and shorts- club exx

bra- dolls kill

boots- forever 21

belt- missguided


DAY 4.

top- windsor

shorts- vintage

belt- asos

boots- steve madden


I hope some of my outfits inspire you to have fun dressing up if you’re a festival goer! Most of my gently used festival items can be found for resale on my Poshmark account here. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

Until our next fest!

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2 Hacks That Changed The Curly Hair Game +

When I was little my hair was unmanageable. It was a nightmare…even my parents had no clue how to style my curls. It was through a lot of trial and error I have discovered some great products, (find my favorites here.) techniques, but most importantly these

two hair hacks.

1. Use a microfiber towel.

DevaCurl makes one I love because of how big it is. Most I’ve seen are relatively small, and let’s be real- most of us curly girls have a ton of hair. It completely twists around your head and tucks in for when you hop out of the shower!

Click to purchase: DevaCurl Microfiber Towel

2. Swap your cotton pillowcases for SILK.

Silk is a much softer material to lay your head on, which helps with hair tangling at night. It also helps to minimize frizz! I also personally feel like these are more comfy than any material I’ve previously had for pillowcases.

Click to purchase: 100% Silk Pillowcase

Once you try these two new hair hacks, you’ll wonder why you never tried them out sooner! Let me know in the comments how these work for you!

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Shaky Beats Music Festival+

Shaky Beats is an EDM music festival held yearly in Atlanta, GA. The second I saw Kygo on the lineup I didn’t blink twice before I purchased my ticket. He is my all-time favorite DJ/artist and was doing a tour for his recent album. Lucky for me, he made a stop at Shaky.

This was my first time attending this festival & I was anticipating it for months! The best part for me (ok well other than the experience itself as a whole) is planning outfits and seeing what I can bring together. Hope you enjoy! Xx

day 1.

outfit details:

black bikini – Windsor

star bodysuit – Dolls Kill

sunnies – Forever 21

boots – Steve Madden



day 2.

outfit details:

face jewels – The Gypsy Shrine

chain bra – Claudia Pink IG: @claudiapink

sequin shorts – Elsie & Fred

boots – Forever 21


day 3.

outfit details:

choker – Topshop

nude bikini – Asos

mesh crop – For Love and Lemons

kimono – Pacsun

boots – Agaci’


I hope some of my outfits inspire you to have fun dressing up if you’re a festival goer! Most of my festival items can be found for resale on my Poshmark account here. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

Until next fest!

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Me vs The Keto Diet +

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen me post various foods and drinks that have been sustaining me through The Keto Era.

If you’ve heard of Keto but don’t know what it entails, or if you’ve never heard of it at all, here’s a quick run through (minus all the sciencey stuff):

  • There are many purposes for this diet, depending on your goals or dietary needs
  • Keto forces your body into burning and breaking down fats instead of carbs
  • The diet “formula” is low carb / high fat (LCHF)

Facts about my specific diet:

  • I started Keto to help regulate my body’s insulin sensitivity
  • My daily macros were 5% Carbohydrates, 65% fats, 30% protein
  • My calorie intake ranged anywhere from 1300-1800
  • I workout (lifting and mild cardio) 4-6 times a week
  • I started at 116 lbs with a moderate goal to shed weight (5’2″)

So when I first heard my best friend was doing Keto at the direction of her husband who is a personal trainer, I literally laughed because I never in my life thought I would be capable of that kind of monumental self-discipline. After asking 6572680 questions like I tend to do with anything that sparks my interest, I found out it was a lot easier to do than I had thought.

That’s why I’m here- to bring awareness to this temporary lifestyle so you can make the decision if it’s the right option for you.

anyways, sign me up!

I was set to do Keto for two weeks. No ice cream for twooooooo weeeks?! Yeah trust me, I complained every single day. I

Starting off day 1- I was LIT. Honestly, it felt like I drank 8 shots of espresso and took an Adderall at once. I was weirdly hyper and energetic and distinctly remember saying “OMG THIS IS GREAT I feel fine Keto isn’t even bad” In reality, my survival instincts had probably kicked in since I hadn’t had one gram of sugar all day, & I was likely just running off adrenaline.

Day 2/3- Worst headache everrrrr. My brain was foggy. My whole body was exhausted. I felt like I had run around Disney World all day long, then finished the night by fighting Mike Tyson. Seriously, all I did was have a normal day at work.

Day 4/5/6/7- My brain is foggy, but no one’s hair is getting messed up at work… So that’s a good sign. I am a functioning human being again. I’m also an emotional zombie. The only things I can react to normally are humorous and lighthearted- anything with emotional depth I am completely unresponsive to. Also to note, I’m feeling wildly depressed for these few days. (carbs/sugar produce serotonin in your brain.) GIVE ME THE DAMN ICE CREAM. I can’t even eat my feelings if I wanted to!!!!!

Day 8 & up – I am feeling kind of energetically normal again! Wooooo. I am definitely drinking lots of coffee throughout the day and I’m making it to the gym. I did feel like I wasn’t completely able to give 100% during all of my workouts, mainly because of slight fogginess and lack of focus. But I’m there and that’s half the battle!

After I got off the diet – I have SO. MUCH. ENERGY. I stayed around 50 carbs for the first few days so my body can re-adjust, but my mental clarity is peaking. My body is using carbs for energy again and I’m definitely feeling electrified (or hyper, whatever you wanna call it) the first thing I did was go to Whole Food and get some Enlightened birthday cake ice cream. Nom nom. It has 15g carbs per half cup and my heart was honestly melting as fast as the ice cream I was eating, so I’m not sure how I even managed to regulate myself lol.

Doing Keto was nowhere near as difficult as I had imagined. It was energetically draining as my body got adjusted to such a huge diet change, but there are so many brands and foods available so you’re not binging on cheese and regretting it later, like me.

I’d like to share with you guys some companies I really love that can help you achieve your Keto goals!

Keep reading for the yums.

Jetpack Nutrition made it MASSIVELY easy for me to survive during The Keto Era. If you’re in Jacksonville, Fl they’re a meal prep company that is able to deliver you fresh & delicious food- they customized my plan to meet my macros. Their Instagram is @JetpackNutrition. If you’re not in Jax, just google search meal prep companies and see what’s available near you!

No Cow is a glutenfreesoyfreenondairynonGMOno sugaraddedvegan company who make protein cookies! I tried out some of the peanut butter and the double chocolate cookies and they’re delish!

Perfect Keto creates quite a variety of products that are specifically targeted to help you meet your macros on Keto. Their MCT oil powder is innovative and NECESSARY to help maintain energy levels throughout your day. They also carry softgels + pure MCT oil. One of their items I like specifically though is the Matcha Latte MCT Oil Powder. It’s perfect to mix in your morning coffee (or smoothie!) Shop with them HERE.

Legendary Foods makes lots of yummy peanut and almond butters- but not in the traditional boring flavors. They have everything from Chocolate PB to Pecan Pie flavored! Those are the two I chose because they have the lowest carb content for Keto. When you’re not counting macros, they have so many other mouthwatering options to try out!!

Daily Harvest BLEW MY MIND! Seriously, every flavor or food I purchased was so delicious. The company has a lot of options tailored to dietary needs including Keto, low carb, low fat, low calorie, vegan, gluten free etc. so even when you’re not dieting you can enjoy these! I very highly recommend this company. You can use my link to try them out yourself + they’ll give you THREE free cups. Click here for your life to change.

Cave Fat Packs are awesome because they also help you meet your macros by helping you add more fat into or in between your meals. Whether you eat it straight from the pouch, or add to your coffee/smoothie, these are really convenient and a great option for busy people!!

Keto Kookie makes cookies (obviously LOL) that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. Although there is 16-21g carbs per 2 cookies, one definitely won’t throw your macros off. Double chocolate is my favorite flavor!

Welp that wraps up my experience from doing Keto. I will definitely be doing this diet again in the near future + also incorporating a weekly low carb day. Now knowing how many foods and options are available to assist you in meeting macros and help stay away from eating the same foods over and over and over, Keto will definitely be easier to conquer!

I’m so glad so many people had so many questions & some even joined me on this journey! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out by commenting or through DM on Instagram!

My Favorite Way to Save Money +

So random topic but I had multiple people message me about the expenses for my 3 week long trip + straight up even ask me how I afforded it LOL. I am usually a pretty open book, so no I don’t think that’s rude in any way. (We all work our asses off + we all should want to aim higher for ourselves!)

I’m not rich guys, but I’m pretty decent with money management. So I just wanted to share an app I use that has intrigued me from the get-go!

It’s called Acorns.

Click here to get started!!

There’s a million apps out there to help you save money but I highly recommend this one first and foremost.

I’ve been using it since October 2016 + started it by simply linking my credit & debit cards to save roundups. Eventually I multiplied my roundups x2 (so doubling the amount) and then started automatically transferring $5 a week. The funds being moved are so small you literally don’t even notice, and it’s nice to check it every month or so and see your account grow.

What separates this app from most others is that instead of your hard earned money just lingering in an account, it actually turns around and invests it- aka the hard work is done for ya. All through the app. You also have the choice on how risky you wanna get with your money. The longer you use the app, the more money you’re building + sitting on, which means the more you have a chance to earn!

They have a $5 referral bonus, (for you and the new investor) so when you get your friends to save their first few dollars, you’re winning too! 💸

Use my link to download the app and sign up! And if you guys have any questions about how to do it I’m happy to help as much as possible! 😋

I back this app 100% and this is my personal experience using it. Start investing with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use my invite code:

Click here to save us both $$!

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My Curly Hair Routine Products +

If you haven’t already seen my tutorial on how I style my curly hair, it’s definitely worth a watch! I go through all of my long-term favorite curly hair products & how I personally use them.

The link to that video is riiiiight HERE.

If you don’t have time to watch it all the way through, here’s a quick recap of my natural curly hair routine products.

1. Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair shampoo + conditioner.

Purchase here.


2. Moroccan Oil Treatment Serum.

Purchase here.


3. Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream.

Purchase here.


4. Silicone Diffuser attachment. (Works on most blowdryers)

Purchase here.


5. Tresemme Curl Locking Spray.

Purchase here.


6. Kenra Curl Refresher. (For day 2-48288439 hair)

Purchase here.


If you’re wondering how I use all of these products, then you’ll definitely want to check out my youtube tutorial. I completely walk you through the steps and explain why I love these products!

The links will take you to the product that is being distributed by Amazon. They are directly from the manufacturer & can only be guaranteed when purchased from the manufacturer or a professional salon.

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Lopburi Sunflower Field, Thailand +

Checking off a huge to-do at the top of my bucket list:

play in a sunflower field like the kid at heart I am. 🌻

fun fact: I sat on Kev’s shoulders to get this photo. fun fact: there was a giant spider on this flower and kevin was screaming “DO IT FOR THE GRAM” to make me hold it long enough to align the photo

How to Get to Lopburi from Ayutthaya, Thailand

You have many options as for form of travel such as hiring a van or taxi, but we chose to take the train. It’s the most budget conservative, and honestly it’s the most interesting and like the local experience.

Lopburi is about an hour train ride north from Ayutthaya (including the stops it makes at other stations along the route). There are multiple trains than run back and forth, but I would recommend going early and purchasing your ticket as soon as possible. During high season, the tickets sell out.

There’s 3 types of tickets- first second and third class. The price in US dollars ranges anywhere from 50¢ to $15ish for second-third class. We rode either second/third for all of our train rides; and only once our second class car had A/C. The train has huge open windows though, so the heat definitely isn’t unbearable. Just don’t make the mistake I did by wearing white! By the end of the ride you feel a bit sticky and dirty.

We used this timetable to check when each train departed from Ayutthaya.

Once you’re in Lopburi,

you’ll want to find a driver to take you to the sunflower fields. Don’t worry, there are planets of taxi drivers waiting around, and if you’re gavin trouble it doesn’t hurt to ask the ticket counter for help. They were so kind to us and the man even called us a driver himself. We paid 700 baht for the day. (which was overpriced in my opinion) To my knowledge, there are two main fields, about a 30 minute drive from the train station. The one I was recommended to visit was Khao Jeen Lae, but it was mid January and the driver informed us the flowers were already dying.

Peak season is late November to late January.

We went to another sunflower field to which I didn’t know the name of, but the drivers are used to tourists visiting so I’m sure they know well where to go. Either way, the place was massive, the mountains were visible on the horizon, and the sunflowers were blooming.

The weather was overcast, which was amazing since Thailand is so hot all the time. So we had a full on photo shoot!

There was only a couple other people wandering around the fields. We spent a little over a solid hour here. On a normal hot day I’m sure we maybe only would have lasted 30-45 minutes. There’s no shade whatsoever!

Bring a selfie stick, like the Vicdozia GoPro one I love, some sunscreen like Alba’s, a hat or bandana that alternates as a head wrap, or whatever else you’ll need to stay cool in Lopburi’s hot climate, and enjoy the beautiful majestic flowers!

Christmas Mimosas +

I’m sure at some point you saw the Facebook video circulating about with the pretty glasses full of fruit & champagne. 10 seconds in and I was sold.

I decided to try out the “Christmosas” for myself. The video was super simple so I stacked up the ingredients & went to work!

What you’ll need:

  • 2 apples (whatever kind you prefer)
  • Green or red grapes
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Fresh cranberries
  • Sparkling grape juice
  • Extra dry champagne

I diced up the apples & grapes and tossed them in a large glass pitcher I had.

Then dumped in a handful of cranberries & a half a pack (2.0 oz) of pomegranate seeds.

Afterward I poured in about half the sparkling grape juice & the entire bottle of champagne.

Mix up and enjoy!

I loved making this for my family. We all sipped our Christmosas and got lit as we opened presents! It was an extremely simple recipe and cost under $30. Totally doing this again next year.